What Will Horse Reins Be Like In The Next 50 Years?

Good outcome without anyone ever seeing the hands move if our hands are held correctly on the reins and we’re effective with our half halts that position where our fingers do more of the talking than our hands hey guys it’s Meg and welcome back to my channel so for today’s video I am going to be shooting the very highly requested video that is how to make parascending so if you guys are interested unknowing how I made these and you want to make a pair for yourself then make surety keep watching.

Before you do anything you’re going horse reins to want to choose how thick you are going to do your rings so toucan make them with either six strands accordance or nine strands of para cord Usually go with nine just because I like the feel of a thicker rein but if you don’t care you can go six as well it uses less para cord then comes the nonparticipating your para cord colors so I went with some pretty bright and crazy colors I went with this rainbow firework one yellow a pink a turquoise and a lime green you can choose really.

whatever colors you want if you want to match your color theme with your horse or if you’re feeling kind of crazy choose whatever you want once you have chosen your colors it is time to measure and cut when measuring and cutting counterpart you’re going to want to double the actual length you want it this package I got came with sixteen feet and I kind of wanted mine around like feet so I pretty much used this entire lengths my guide once you have chosen howling you want your para cord go ahead and take a measuring tape and measure double that length and then go ahead and cut that so here I measured out the length compared to the package one I bought and then I went head.