Denver Spa And The Chuck Norris Effect

This is what you can go ahead and do now moving on I’m going to show you guys what I carry in my emergency kit this is another one of the denver spa little pencil cases that I made like the one at the beginning of the video so the first thing that I’ve got inside here is a little because there is no point having like an awesome outfit on if discovered in like bubbles and moving onI’ve got some makeup wipes because they’re good to remove makeup obviously and they also go for a bunch of another thing as well and I’ve also got some tissues now I hope you don’t end up crying at school but you never really know what’s gonna happen so it’s good to just be safe if you’ve been subscribed to my channel for a while then you may know that.

I have a bit of a germaphobe like I don’t even know how to develop this but I need to carry hand sanitizer at all times so this one is a raspberry scented one and it smells so good moving on I don’t wanna have chapped lips at school so I’ve got a chapstick so this is really good just to put on at pretty much all times when you feel like you have to lick your lips to hydrate them is super uncomfortable to break your nail at school and not have anything to like fix that so.

I’ve got a small pairof nail clippers I’ve got some Eclipsemints because you don’t want to likewalk around with smelly breath and sometimes schools are super strict with like gum so it’s good to just have mintinstead if you’re anything like me andyou’re super clumsy then you’re probablygonna need two band-aids because I willlike honestly hurt myself in any way like any way I obviously carry sometambour to keep my emergency kit becauseif you get caught without them.