How I Improved My mobile printing solutions In One Day

Printing to you know specifically print different type of documents print photos extra so you can layer on with that so I’m just looking at what I can see with regards to my printer that’s ink levels to god options to kind of print a photograph directly which you can clip from the app itself and of course you can access your gallery and this particular mobile device has nothing in it so I’m going to show plank[Music]so let’s get down to the basics I just want to see whether this can actually scan something onto my mobile device I ‘m going to press the Scan button so it’s going to show me a blank tray because there’s nothing inside so this is color palette which I just found line here so I’m going to put this into the scanner bed okay so that goes in there.I’m going to close this[Music]okay so I’m going to press the Scan button again[Music]and.

The printer is beginning to start scanning once I press this button okay hear the noise there you see flatbed scanner is actually mobile printing solutions moving but I’ve got a mobile device I have the calliper color palette on my phone screen now you could definitely take a photograph or use gamma scanner to get a picture but if you want something really neat like a a size paper which needs to be scanned neatly I mean nothing into it as good as a printer like so this is one the advantages of your printer and it’s so easy to scan it on your mobile device you don’t need a computer the app is also really user-friendly it lets you kind of convert the file into a PDF or save the file any format you want it’s pretty handy so let’s go ahead and do a print then I put a piece of paper there put a name to paper and I’m going to point the same thing out I don’t have the sufficient ink levels I think some-this wrong with my black ink but I just want to show you how easy it is to kind of get a print out of this I’m going to select folders and that’s file which.

I saved using the scan I’m going to print the same thing but remembers things are different when you do a print from your mobile device right so it’s not gonna print this simply because you know you need to install another driver so this is where things change you will need to install another driver.