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We’re doing it all over again Business Enterprise baby James Falcon is going back tithe bingo halls the man’s coming back sole’s go ahead and begin this story mode once again I want to thank everybody who’s joining me on YouTube live right now and of course people who watch out of fact I do love you I love you guys ah recreated the entrance and everything and Eric Kirchhoff is starting off wrong the soundtrack.

on this game is nowhere near as good as day of reckoning jousts you guys know nowhere even near it’s bunch of generic music on this game compared to a day of reckoning as you’ll saw last week on Raw we had an incident in the World Heavyweight Championship match between Chris Jericho and Triple H just so we’re all perfectly clear let’s please roll the footage of what happened look.

At this footage OK shoe pinned him any tapped at the sometime no Samantha that’s a pretty good footage the redid you record that on a flip phone goat razor blade as that footage clearly shows Chris Jericho was in fact pinned by the champion Triple H however at the exact same time Triple H was tapping out thus I have no choice but to rule the match a draw and vacate the world heavyweight title well I guess there’s only one guy to come take that championship now I agree that not having world champion is a major problem but I have.